LISTINGStandard List on the LSE
Ticker Symbol LSE:CMRS
Shares in Issue61,211,258
Total Voting Rights (TVR)***50,525,945
Warrants 8,283,174
Options granted to Directors* 4,400,000
Fully Diluted Share Capital 73,894,432
Shares owned by Directors 650,000



Significant Shareholders **Shares (% in issue)Percent TVR ****
Caerus Mineral Resources Plc10,685,313 (17.46%)N/A
EV Metals Group plc10,000,000 (16.34%)19.79%
Hargreaves Lansdowne (Nominees) Limited 8,590,017 (14.03%)17.00%
Vidacos Nominees Limited4,770,845 (7.79%)9.44%
Interactive Investor Services Nominees Limited 4,756,852 (7.77%)9.41%
Indo - European Mining PR Ltd4,240,987 (6.93%)8.39%
Jason Cropper7,220,000 (11.80%) 14.29%
The Bank of New York (Nominees) Limited3,202,814 (5.23%)6.34%

*   The options granted to the Directors will vest in three instalments and have an exercise period of five years.  The first tranche will vest when the closing mid-market share price reaches 7.5 pence or above for three consecutive trading days. The second tranche will vest when the share price reaches 12.5 pence. The third tranche will vest when the share price reaches 17.5 pence.

**  Persons or entities owning >3% of the issued Share Capital

*** This number should be used by shareholders as the denominator for Total Voting Rights (TVR) calculations as the Company will not be permitted to exercise the voting rights attached to the 10,685,313 Ordinary Shares it holds.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]