HSEC Policy


Environment, Health, Safety and Community Policy Statement

Caerus Mineral Resources is committed to providing a safe working environment for all its employees and to responsibly managing all of the environmental interactions of its business. Our objective is to perform and achieve at a level notably in excess of the regulatory minima required by our host country.

To meet these objectives, Caerus has defined and adopted a Health, Safety, Environment, and Community (“HSEC”) policy that it applies to all company activities in Cyprus and elsewhere.

Caerus is committed to the implementation of a high standard of HSEC management and delivery from exploration through production to eventual mine closure. Our field staff are accountable for delivery of the HSEC policy and our Directors, Officers and Employees are responsible for compliance with the expected high standards of HSEC performance.

The following specific commitments are made as regards HSEC matters:

Health & Safety


  • We provide all employees with health and safety training as required and applicable.
  • We take all necessary measures to minimise workplace injuries to our employees.
  • We have established management and advisory programmes for the prevention of communicable diseases of our employees.



At Caerus, we pride ourselves on being skilled, responsible developers. We function with the clear mandate of being in full compliance with corporate standards, applicable environmental laws, regulations and permit requirements.  Our internal monitoring also plays a critical role in continuously improving our environmental performance. This is reported to the Board annually in accordance with the relevant sectors of the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines (GRI) (www.globalreporting.org/standards).

We strive to minimize our environmental effects wherever and to :[/vc_column_text][dt_vc_list]

  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations and commitments wherever we operate.
  • Ensure we have the necessary resources, procedures, training programs, and responsibilities in place to achieve our environmental objectives
  • Strive to protect air and water quality, minimize consumption of water and energy, and protect natural habitats and biodiversity.
  • Promote an ongoing environmental dialogue with our stakeholders in the communities where we conduct business.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to define environmental priorities and to protect the environment.
  • Consider the requirement for environmental protection in all aspects of exploration and development.
  • Monitor our performance to verify compliance with our internal standards and legal requirements.
  • Report our environmental performance and assign responsibility for aspects requiring improvement.