Welcome to Caerus Mineral Resources

Caerus Mineral Resources is an Exploration and Resource Development Company operating in the Republic of Cyprus. The Company’s ambition is to generate value for all stakeholders through the discovery, development and production of copper – gold Mineral Resources. Caerus maintains a small corporate presence in London with an emphasis on the application of both funds and human resources on-site and in the ground in Cyprus.

Our Strategy

We are focused on developing and de-risking copper and gold assets in Cyprus as part of our broader strategy of building a portfolio of European mineral assets in response to the transition to Clean Transport and Stationary Energy Storage Technologies.

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Our Projects

Our portfolio is centred on our brownfield exploration licences hosting 16 former producing copper mines that provide the optionality needed to give the Company the best possible chance to define and develop copper-gold Mineral Resources in Cyprus and progress towards  generating cash flow.

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Our History

Cyprus has a long history of copper production, with the emphasis focused on developing easily accessible high-grade copper mines. With production halting prematurely over 40 years ago, there is considerable scope for redevelopment of former mines and making of new discoveries. While copper has historically been the focus of production on the Island, the presence of gold provides further impetus to Caerus’ exploration.

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Our Corporate Responsibility

Investors recognise copper as one of the Cornerstone metals for the Clean Energy Transition and that it is integral to the Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage sectors. Caerus will apply International Best Practice during exploration, maintaining high environmental standards whilst working closely with the communities in which it operates.

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Current Share Price Information

The more ambitious that climate targets become, the more minerals and metals will be needed for a sustainable low-carbon future. Clean Energy stimulus programmes with a spotlight on Electric Vehicles, 5G Networks and Renewable Power Generation will all require large quantities of copper.

“De-Risking Exploration – Caerus has acquired exploration licences all of which host former producing mines. The historic presence of mineralisation helps de-risk Projects by focusing on clearly prospective geology that has been receptive to mineralisation deposited in economic quantities, and has the potential for further new discoveries utilising improved exploration techniques and in-house expertise.”