The Company

EV Metals Group plc (‘EVM’) is a Clean Energy metals company based in Perth, Western Australia. Its vision is to build a Clean Energy metals company focused on growing shareholder value from the production of metals for use in the generation and storage of Clean Energy.


100% of the Range Well Ni-Co Resources with over 2.5 Mt of Ni and 170 Kt of Co – both being critical raw materials for Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage systems.

  • Fully permitted and ‘shovel-ready’ mining licences for Range Well Ni-Co tenements
  • MoU with the National Industrial Development Centre (NIDC)in Saudi Arabia
  • Access to capital finances reflected in recent fund-raising of > US $23M to commence the Range Well PFS
Strategy and Mission
  • Build a global Battery Chemicals and Technology business to produce high purity chemicals containing Li, Ni, Co and Mn for rechargeable batteries in Electric Vehicles and for Stationary Energy storage at a plant in Saudi Arabia (KSA), close to target markets in Europe
  • Produce high-grade intermediate products through the mining and processing of Range Well resources in Western Australia for final refining in KSA
  • Through a strategic shareholding, align with a European development company (CMRS) focused on copper as the metal ’missing’ from its Clean Energy portfolio
  • Develop EV Metals to find commercial Cu and REE, Li, Nb and Ti deposits for localised supply chains in Saudi Arabia

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Jubilee Metals

About Jubilee Metals

Jubilee Metals is a waste processing and metals recovery company listed in London on AIM (JLP) and in Johannesburg on the JSE (JBL). The company has operating assets in South Africa and has recently expanded its footprint to Zambia. The company is focussed on the recovery of metal residues from mine tailings, waste rock, marginal ore and related materials. Specifically, Jubilee seeks to secure low risk, low capital intensive, long-term commodity production from mine surface waste materials with reduced capital outlay when compared to traditional mining techniques

Jubilee has a track-record of partnering with small but ambitious mining companies and also with governments to develop and implement metal recovery projects from mine waste. The company has adopted advanced, environmentally-sustainable metal recovery techniques and deploys proven and ‘cutting-edge’ metallurgical processing solutions to recover metals from historical mine discard.

In 2020 Jubilee made a strategic move to diversity into copper alongside its established PGM and chrome-based operations. This move into copper was initially by way of acquiring the Sable Refinery in Kabwe, Zambia, leading to the construction and ownership of a new copper-focused processing facility (Project Roan). Jubilee has acquired copper-tailings as part of its strategy with the goal of establishing Jubilee as a leading copper producer from historical tailings and other mine waste

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Bezant Resources PLC

Bezant Resources plc (“Bezant”) is an AIM-listed exploration and mining company. Bezant has entered into an Option Agreement with Caerus which is expected to lead to the signing of a Joint Venture Agreement for the exploration, development and mining of selected projects within the licence portfolio held by Caerus in Cyprus.

Bezant is focused on developing a pipeline of copper gold projects to provide a new generation of economically and socially sustainable mines.

The company portfolio of assets includes the following projects:

  • Hope Copper-Gold project in Namibia – The project is in the Matchless Copper Belt in Namibia and has a 10.2 million tonnes JORC category grade of about 1.9% copper and 0.3 g/t of gold (approx. 30% resource tonnage classified in the “indicated” Mineral Resource category with the balance in the “inferred” Mineral Resource category).
  • Kalengwa project in Zambia – the company acquired a 30% interest in the Kalengwa project on 24 April 2020. This exploration project is in the area surrounding the historic, high-grade Kalengwa open pit copper mine. The stratigraphic package at Kalengwa is similar to that hosting the world-class deposits in the Copperbelt. These deposits are thought to be formed from hydrothermal and ore-bearing fluids sourced from the intrusives of the Hook Granite complex. It is notable that such intrusives occur at the Kalengwa mine and are known from historic third-party drilling and airborne magnetic surveying to occur at, or close to, several other prospects within the Licence.
  • Eureka project in Argentina – a red bed layered style mineralisation with potential feeder zones located under a historic underground mine in Jujuy province, Argentina.
  • Mankayan project in the Philippines – a porphyry system located in the Luzon Island. The Company retains 20% of its interest in this project have sold 80% on 4 October 2019.