LISTINGStandard List on the LSE
Ticker Symbol LSE:CMRS
Shares in Issue61,211,258
Warrants **17,383,174
Fully Diluted Share Capital 78,594,432
Shares owned by Directors* 9,262,007

* Including 6,422,007 registered to PM Ploutonic Metals Ltd of which Andrew Daniels is a beneficiary.

** Includes Investor, Broker, Bonus and Performance Warrants

Significant Shareholders *

EV Metals Group plc10,000,000 (16.3 %)
PM Ploutonic Metals Limited 6,422,007 (10.5 %)
Hargreaves Lansdowne 6,328,605 (10.3%)
Interactive Investor Services4,449,745 (7.3%)
Indo European Mining PR Ltd4,240,987 (6.9%)
The Bank of New York Nominees Limited2,125,000 (3.5%)
Lawshare Nominees Limited1,955,989 (3.2%)

* Persons or entities owning >3% of the issued Share Capital